10 Kinds of Vitamins and Supplements I’ll Vouch for Since Turning 40

10 Kinds of Vitamins and Supplements I’ll Vouch for Since Turning 40

Next month I’ll be celebrating my 45th birthday. This has been a long journey and I’m truly thankful to get to this point. There are some good and bad days, just like there’s also some wonderful and awful ones. One thing I’ve realized since hitting my 40s and that’s the power of vitamins and supplements. On the weekends, I’ve tried going without my multivitamins and without them I’ll be stuck in the same spot. Over the last five years, I’ve tried many different types of supplements and vitamins. Some are great and others not so great. Many of the items I’ll list below can be found in multivitamins. You can either find a great multivitamin or take them individually to get the full effect. Below are 10 kinds of vitamins and supplements I’ll vouch for since turning 40.

Vitamin B12

One of the first things that became apparent as I’m aging was my energy levels. B12 was recommended and they have been in my cabinet ever since. If your B12 levels are low you may feel sluggish. Later on, my mom told me that taking them helps your body digest food better. Try to take one pill a day with breakfast or lunch for longer lasting energy.

Vitamin D3

Many people heard about D3 when the Coronavirus started taking the world by storm. Vitamin D3 is something I’ve taken for years because me working on the night shift. My mom said that I’ll never get enough sunlight. Many people don’t know and myself included that you get vitamin D from the sun. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia and some evidence shows vitamin D plays a vital role in the immune response.


We all should be aiming for a healthy heart. If seafood like salmon isn’t a part of your diet you could not be getting enough Omega-3. In addition to a healthier heart, it’s also great for your mood.

Fiber Capsules

As you get older or not in great shape, your cholesterol becomes a vital part of your doctor visits. Crossing the 40 year milestone might mean we need to start thinking about cholesterol. Some supplements can be used in tandem with a specific diet to lower cholesterol. By lowering high cholesterol you can prevent risk of heart disease later in life. Fiber capsules can also be used to help more minor problems like constipation. If possible, try to get your intake with food, but fiber capsules is a great alternative.


One thing about getting older is that our bones aren’t as strong as they used to be. Like vitamin D, magnesium can help develop bones and muscles. Magnesium can relax muscles after you’re done with training or working out. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t consume a lot of fish in your diet; Omega 3 and magnesium can help give you the minerals you’re missing.


The older you get, your skin doesn’t have that glow about it if you’re not taking care of it. Zinc supports healthy skin and it’s great for the immune system also. There are several supplements that’ll help you feel young, but zinc will help you look younger.


As you age, there is still the need to continuously to build muscle. Being over 40 doesn’t mean you need to start letting your body slow down. It also doesn’t mean you have to stop growing your muscles. Creatine is an excellent supplement that will help you build muscle. If you’re someone that’s looking to add a few pounds, this is for you also. Many people will add this into their smoothies every day. You can also take this with large amounts of water.

Whey Powder

Speaking of smoothies, whey powder is great for getting you the protein you need on a daily basis. Whey powder is great for lean muscle mass and it comes in many flavors also. As of now, I have the strawberry which is my favorite. You can drink it with water, milk, smoothies or other beverages.

Organic Protein Powder

You may choose to check out some organic protein powder. If you’re vegan, this may be a better solution than whey protein powder. Orgain Organic Protein powder is great and you can get from Amazon. It comes in different flavors and one servings contains 21 grams of organic protein.

Testosterone Boost

Many men start to feel a drop in their testosterone as they get older. Tribulus offers an easy to take pill that will help boost your natural testosterone levels up. These capsules are vegetarian friendly, and offer the highest Saponin count on the market. This is an excellent way to bring testosterone levels up if you are feeling a drop. You should take two capsules every day with food and water.


Where’s my over 40 crowd? Do you take any supplements or vitamins? What are you taking? Check out the ones mentioned above. Leave some feedback below about anything related to vitamin or supplements you take.

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