20 Years Ago Today the Lost Tapes Album from Nas Dropped

Nas is one of the greatest rappers to ever touch the mic. Actually, he’s my favorite rapper alive. Nas has been in the game for almost 30 years. His debut album, Illmatic has been called the greatest rap album of all-time. In the early 2000s, Nas engaged in a heated beef with Jay-Z. Nas and Jay went back and forth on albums and mixtapes. During that time, Nas dropped one of his best albums with Stillmatic in 2001. Ether is one of the highlights from Stillmatic and it was a scathing diss towards Jay-Z. Nas continued his dropping gems the following year by dropping the Lost Tapes album. The Lost Tapes joint was full of bangers that Nas had in the vault. 20 years ago today the Lost Tapes album from Nas dropped. There were no features and wasn’t promoted just straight heat.

The Lost Tapes peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts and it’s viewed as another classic from Nas. The Lost Tapes compiles previously unreleased tracks that Nas recorded during 1998 to 2001. The album is one of my top 5 albums from Nas. Those were sessions for the I Am and Stillmatic albums. Most of the compiled songs first became available as bootlegs on underground mixtapes before being selected and mastered for The Lost Tapes. Doo Rags, Blaze a 50, No Idea’s Original, U Gotta Love It and Fetus are my top 5 tracks. Below you can check out the track listing and stream link for the Lost Tapes joint.

  1. Doo Rags
  2. My Way
  3. U Gotta Love It
  4. Nothing Lasts Forever
  5. No Idea’s Original
  6. Blaze A 50
  7. Everybody’s Crazy
  8. Purple
  9. Drunk By Myself
  10. Black Zombie
  11. Poppa Was a Playa
  12. Fetus

What are your thoughts about the Lost Tapes album? What’s your favorite track off the album? Leave some feedback below about the Lost Tapes joint or anything related to Nas.

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