5 Benefits to Adding Vitamin D to Your Daily Supplements.

For the last few months, I’ve been on this journey to become much more healthier. During this time I’ve tried many different types of vitamins and can vouch for them. A lot of research was done before trying them. During this time I’m still drinking my smoothies, doing meal prep and finding Air Fryer recipes. One of the supplements I’ve been taking is vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to your everyday functions. Many people have Vitamin C in their multivitamins. I’ve ditched my multivitamins and taking Vitamin D by themselves. You can also spend15-20 minutes of sun a day, three times a week.  It has also been said that a lack of vitamin D can lead to depression. Below are 5 benefits to adding vitamin D to your daily supplements.

Helps With the Flu

Ever since the Covid-19 epidemic, we all have been taking more precautions when it comes to our immune system. The lack of vitamin D in your system can’t fight germs like it should. Vitamin D is something that’s taken year round in my household.

Healthier Heart?

Can vitamin D help to make your heart healthier? Honestly, there haven’t been any confirmations to any of it. We have heard that vitamin D is good in helping against heart attacks and strokes. This is something that’s ongoing, but it still doesn’t hurt to have vitamin D in your life.

Helps With Bones

As we get older, our bones become weaker and vitamin D can help with that. It also helps ward off osteoporosis and lowers your chance of broken bones. Doctors use vitamin D to treat osteomalacia. That’s a condition that causes soft bones, bone loss, and bone pain.

Help Stabilizes Your Weight and Help With Vitamin D Deficiency

We all want to shed a few pounds or at least this is the case for me. Try vitamin D supplements. Taken with calcium, it can keep you from feeling hungry as often. This means you eat fewer calories.   About 4 out of 10 people don’t get enough vitamin D. If yours is low, you might not eat enough foods with it. Or you might have a health condition that stops you from absorbing it. Or you might just need more sunlight.

Fight Cancer

Vitamin D may curb your chances of certain cancers, like colon, breast, and prostate.  The rates are even better when paired with calcium. In one clinical trial, African Americans’ risk went down 23% when they took vitamin D supplements.

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