6 Possible Destinations for Julio Jones

6 Possible Destinations for Julio Jones

We can now officially think about the upcoming NFL season. With the reveal of the 2022 schedule, it’s time to start predicting wins and losses for each team. With training camp a few months away, there are still some great free agents on the market. One of them is Julio Jones, who was released by the Tennessee Titans after one season. Unfortunately, Jones has been hampered by injuries the past few seasons. The hamstring issues has been well-documented over the last few seasons. With his experience, Julio Jones could still be beneficial in the right situation. Despite having one of his worse seasons a year ago, the future Hall-Of-Famer is still coveted around the league. Will he sign with another team this season? If so, where could you see him land? Could he possibly just head quietly into retirement? Check out 6 possible destinations for Julio Jones.

New England Patriots

The Patriots upgraded their defense a couple of seasons ago through free agency. They are going into this season looking to elevate their offense. They traded for DeVante Parker because they needed to add some size to their receiving core. Julio Jones would be a great addition to that core. Despite his injuries, Jones would be valuable for Mac Jones. Julio Jones could get those 50/50 balls and be a huge asset to the development of Mac Jones.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos are going all-in this season after trading for Russell Wilson. Denver has a great, young receiving core, but they could use the knowledge of a veteran. With the recent arrest of Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos can’t take a chance being down a wide receiver. When healthy, Jones can still be a threat on offense and with Wilson as the QB, he could produce a successful season.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are always looking to upgrade their receiving core. Baltimore traded away Hollywood Brown about a month ago. The Ravens offense should be better this season because they should be healthier. Lamar Jackson is hoping to have a bounce back season. The goal is to keep their former MVP healthy, and they could do that with good receivers. Julio Jones is a big bodied receiver that help Jackson to develop more as a passer. Baltimore was rumored to have interest in Jarvis Landry before he signed with the Saints. Would the Ravens be willing to bring in the future Hall-Of-Famer?

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts is an intriguing team that should look at Julio Jones. Indianapolis traded for Matt Ryan in the offseason. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is one of the best duos in the history of the league. Could they bring some magic to Indianapolis? I’ve said that the Colts have a great all-around team because they’re solid on both sides of the ball. They have one of, if not the best running back in the league in Jonathon Taylor. With the AFC being as tough as it’s been in years, they will need all the help they can get.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is still looking for another elusive Super Bowl appearance. Rodgers resigned with the Packers, but they traded his biggest target during the offseason. DeVante Adams was dealt to the Las Vegas Raiders and they loss another one in the process. If Green Bay is going to be successful, this season they will need to bring in another target. Julio Jones would be an upgrade to the receiving core in Green Bay. Would the Packers take a chance on him knowing his injury history?

San Francisco 49ers

Julio Jones and Kyle Shanahan have history together and were successful in Atlanta. If the 49ers can resolve the issue with Deebo Samuel, adding Jones would take some pressure off him. Whether it’s Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers would have an unbelievable offense. By adding Julio Jones to an offense with Deebo Samuel and George Kittle would be scary for opposing defenses. Would Jones consider a move to the west coast? Could adding another weapon on offense be beneficial for Trey Lance?


Where do you see Julio Jones signing with as a free agent? Where would be the best fit for him? Should he consider retirement? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Julio Jones and his free agency.

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