6 Reasons 6 Reasons Why I’m Considering a Career Change I’m Considering a Career Change

6 Reasons 6 Reasons Why I’m Considering a Career Change I’m Considering a Career Change

I’m finally at the end of my rope and in need of a career change. I’ll be 45 years-old next month and it feels like I’m at the crossroads of my work life. Ever since I’ve been working everything was fine because it was done for my children. With two adults and my youngest being a senior this year I’ve done a lot of soul searching. I’ve floated many ideas around from going back to school or just going into another industry altogether. Either way, I’m at the point where if nothing happens I’ll drive myself crazy. Below are 6 reasons why I’m considering a career change.

This Was Something That Wasn’t Meant to Be

I’m sure we all have stories where things happened and you were forced to do something that wasn’t planned. Honestly, manufacturing haven’t been bad to me and it was something that I quickly moved up in. As far as my family, it has provided everything imaginable for me and my family. My goal now is to move up by going to school. As of now, I’ve checked out several schools and will make a decision really soon. It will be either something related to manufacturing or finishing my business management degree.

I’ve Hit My Ceiling With My Employer

The politics at work is one of the reasons for wanting a career change. There have been people who’s had the opportunity to move up due to their relationships with upper management. When you see people rising in the ranks without anyone else being interviewed it does something to you. You have been told about your qualities and asked to do the job, but you don’t receive the title or pay.

Wanting More Money

I’ll be honest, I’m making good money, but think there’s an opportunity to make even more. With school, there’s a chance for me to increase my earnings by more than $25,000. Money can’t buy happiness, but it is an important part of living life. There’s no doubt that some careers give you better access to money than others.

Change in Perspective

As mentioned before, I’m about to turn 45 and my kids are grown with the exception of my youngest one. Right now, I’m looking at an opportunity to go somewhere and think about retirement. I’m not saying I’ll be retiring in the near future because I’m looking at being somewhere another 20 years. Seeing other people in my position leave my current employer and get into better situation.

Not Challenged Anymore

If you’re no longer challenged by your current job or you’re bored with your current field, a career change could be the spark you need. Too many people spend years in boring and unfulfilling jobs simply because they don’t know what to do next. Don’t waste 40 hours a week. Instead, look at yourself and other industries to find a role that will allow you to be challenged and continue to grow both personally and professionally. As of now, I’m no longer challenged and it’s not a good feeling.

I’m Burned Out

We all have that feeling of being burned out and usually a little time off does it. You’ve given your all to your current company and industry, and now you feel like there’s nothing left to give. Your best option is to switch careers as soon as possible. You’ll find yourself with new co-workers, new challenges and new things to learn. It’s the perfect solution for burnout. Switching careers can be intimidating, but you’ll find dozens of skills that are directly transferable. Don’t delay. If you’re in one of these nine situations, switch careers as soon as possible.

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