B.G. Get Your Shine On for Throwback Thursday

For all of you that follows hip hop, the original Hot Boy B.G. was finally released from prison. B.G. served 12 years of his 14-year sentence for gun possession. B.G. was one of the originals from when Cash Money Records started up. B.G. dropped his solo debut in 1996 and it was called Chopper City. The following year he dropped his second album called It’s All On U Vol. 1. This album is when I became a fan of his. Towards the end of 1997, B.G. joined forces with Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Turk to release the Hot Boys album. Get It How U Live was the name of the album and it became a down south must have. The Hot Boys album launched the solo career of Lil Wayne and lead to the 400 Degreez album from Juvenile.

With the release of B.G., could we see a tour or Hot Boys reunion album? Chopper City was a good album, but It’s On All U Vol. 1 was a little better. Get Your Shine On was my track and it featured the Big Tymers. The Big Tymers consisted of Birdman, who’s the head of Cash Money and Manny Fresh the super producer. Get Your Shine On is my featured Throwback Thursday track. Check out the track up above for Get Your Shine On. With B.G. being a free man, will he be a part of Cash Money or run his own label again? Could he take Gucci Mane up on his million dollars offer to sign with him? Either way, check out the track listing and stream link for the It’s All On U Vol. 1 album below.

It’s All On U Vol. 1 Track Listing

  1. 187 Big Tymers ft. Big Tymers
  2. Get Your Shine On ft. Big Tymers
  3. N My City
  4. Silent B.G.
  5. Round My Way ft. Juvenile
  6. Uptown Thang (Remix Hot)
  7. Ride 2’Night ft. Hot Boys
  8. I Be Thinking
  9. Cash Money Niggaz ft. Big Tymers & Turk
  10. Fuck Theze Hoez
  11. Let’s Get Funky ft. Lil Wayne
  12. Gangsta Shit
  13. Retaliation (Remix) ft. Juvenile & Bun B

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