Bone ThugBone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War Released 25 Years Agos-N-Harmony The Art of War Released 25 Years Ago

Bone ThugBone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War Released 25 Years Agos-N-Harmony The Art of War Released 25 Years Ago

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is known as one of the greatest rap groups to ever touch the mic. They have the classic music and sales to back up such a claim. They have been in the game for around 30 years. They still had one of the most talked about moments in their Verzuz battle with 3-6 Mafia. In 1994, they were introduced to the world via their Creepin’ On Ah Come Up EP. The EP spawned all-time classics in Foe Da Love of $ and Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Creepin On Ah Come Up went on the sell four million copies. The following year, they released another classic in E. 1999 Eternal. Many view that album as a classic also. The E. 1999 Eternal joint produced one of the best hip hop records of all-time in The Crossroads. The Crossroads won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Almost two years to the day, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released The Art of War. The Art of War was a double album and it was released 25 years ago today. The album went on to sell over four million copies, which made the third consecutive album to do that. Look Into My Eyes was the first single off the album and it eventually went platinum. Look Into My Eyes was one of the highlights of the Art of War joint. If I Could Teach the World was the second single and it went gold. The Art of War wasn’t as great as their previous two albums, but it still was good. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had a great 1997 with this album going 4X platinum. 2Pac made an appearance on the track Thug Luv and we know passed away the previous year. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony appeared on Life After Death by the Notorious Big.

They are the only rapper acts that can say they did music with Eazy-E, 2Pac and the Notorious Big. Overall, the album was good but it would’ve been better if it were a single disc. Thug Luv, If I Could Teach the World, It’s All Real, Ready 4 War and Hatin’ Nation are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing and stream link below for the Art of War album.

World War 1

  1. Retaliation (Intro)
  2. Handle the Vibe
  3. Look Into My Eyes
  4. Body Rott
  5. It’s All Mo Thug
  6. Ready 4 War ft. Maje$ty
  7. Ain’t Nothin’ Changed (Everyday Thang II)
  8. Clog Up Yo Mind
  9. It’s All Real Performed by Krayzie Bone
  10. Hard Times (Skit)
  11. Mind of a Souljah Performed by Layzie Bone
  12. If I Could Teach the World
  13. Family Tree

World War 2

  1. Mo Thug (Skit)
  2. Thug Luv ft. 2Pac
  3. Hatin’ Nation
  4. 7 Sign Performed by Bizzy Bone
  5. Wasteland Warriors ft. Souljah Boy
  6. Neighborhood Slang (Skit)
  7. U Ain’t Bone
  8. Get Cha Thug On Performed by Wish Bone
  9. All Original
  10. Blaze It (Skit)
  11. Let the Law End
  12. Whom Die They Lie
  13. How Many of Us Have Them (Friends)
  14. Evil Paradise
  15. Mo Thug Family Tree ft. Mo Thug Family

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