Boyz II Men Motownphilly for Throwback Thursday

Boyz II Men Motownphilly for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. This week was a short one so there wasn’t much to my playlist as usual. Had a couple of greatest hits albums to begin the week with. Boyz II Men and 2 Live Crew Greatest Hits was played first. The Born Again album by the Notorious Big followed by Sade Soldier of Love. The No Way Out joint Puff Daddy put out back in the day came up next. Already Platinum by Slim Thug and the King’s Disease from Nas came after those. As always, those are some great selections, but this week let’s honor some classic R&B music. As mentioned, the Boyz II Men Greatest Hits album was played and it’s a straight classic. Boyz II Men is one of the greatest R&B groups over the last 30 years.

With their catalog, Boyz II Men can be mentioned as one of the greatest groups ever. They first hit the scene in 1991 with their 9X platinum debut, Cooleyhighharmony. Two years later, they released a double platinum selling Christmas album. Less than a year later, Boyz II Men dropped the II album and it sold over 12 million copies. Over the years, they have released 14 albums and sold over 25 million copies in the United States alone. For my featured Throwback Thursday track, we will go back to where it all started. Motownphilly was their first single and it set the standard for their music moving forward. Motownphilly has been featured on many platforms ever since its release. Check out the video from Boyz II Men for Motownphilly up above. Check out the track listing and stream link to their Legacy: Greatest Hits Collection below.

  1. Motownphilly
  2. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  3. End of the Road
  4. In the Still of the Nite (I’ll Remember)
  5. Hey Lover ft. LL Cool J
  6. I’ll Make Love to You
  7. On Bended Knee
  8. Water Runs Dry
  9. One Sweet Day w/Mariah Carey
  10. Doin’ Just Fine
  11. 4 Seasons of Loneliness
  12. A Song for Mama
  13. Pass You By

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