Hot Boys Get It How U Live Turns 25

The Hot Boys were consisted of B.G., Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Turk. They were part of the rise of Cash Money Records in the late-90s. Lil Wayne has gone on to be one of the greatest rappers to ever do it. Juvenile dropped his classic 400 Degreez joints that went damn near 5X platinum. B.G. was always my favorite of the Hot Boys, Unfortunately, B.G. is locked up but should be set free sometime next year. Juvenile is still touring as he made some appearances on the No Limit Reunion tour. Turk recently was involved with a classic episode of Drink Champs. The Hot Boys dropped their debut album 25 years ago today. Get It How You Live was the name of it and it’s considered a southern classic. Many publications didn’t get the album its props like we did in the south.

The album didn’t chart, but it did its job by launching the solo careers of all four. The only major feature on the album is Bun B of UGK. They didn’t drop an official single, but We on Fire is the track they did a video for. Now that I’m older, the album is still good but not a classic. My top 5 joints are Dirty World, Get It How U Live, I’m Com’n, Neighborhood Superstar and Take It Off Your Shoulder. Check out the track listing for Get It How U Live below. The stream link for Get It How U Live follows the track listing.

  1. Intro: Big Tymers ft. Big Tymers
  2. We On Fire (Pt. 1)
  3. 50 Shots Set’s It Off ft. Mannie Fresh
  4. On tha Porch (Pt. 1)
  5. Block Burner
  6. Neighborhood Superstar ft. Big Tymers
  7. Take It Off Your Shoulder
  8. Dirty World
  9. I’m A Hot Boy
  10. Get It How U Live
  11. On Tha Porch (Pt. 2)
  12. I’m Com’n ft. Bun B
  13. Infrared Dot
  14. Blood Thicker ft. Baby & Magnolia Shorty
  15. Spit ‘N Game

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