Ja Rule The Last Temptation Released 20 Years Ago

Ja Rule first hit the scene in 1998 on Jay-Z’s monster hit Can I Get A. They were supposed to form a supergroup called the Murderers, but it never came to be. The following year, Ja Rule dropped his debut album called Venni Vetti Vecci. The album was dope and it garnered Ja Rule a platinum plaque. A little over a year later, he dropped his second album called Rule 3:36. The album was in deep rotation in 2000 and it went on to go 3X platinum. A year later, Ja Rule dropped his third album titled Pain is Love. Pain is Love also went triple platinum and Ja Rule was on almost every big hit on the radio. We moved into 2002 and towards the end of the year Ja Rule dropped his fourth project.

The Last Temptation was the named of his album and it was released 20 years ago today. During this time, Ja Rule released the Last Temptation while engaging in beef with several other rappers. 50 Cent, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, DMX, G-Unit and D-12 because they say he was copying 2Pac. Despite that, the Last Temptation went on to go platinum. The first single was called Thug Lovin’ and it featured the legendary Bobby Brown singing the hook. Thug Lovin’ wasn’t a huge hit sells wise, but it was great to see Bobby Brown again. Before the end of 2002, Ja Rule dropped Mesmerize as his second single and it featured Ashanti. The Ja Rule and Ashanti pairing always produce a great track. Many people loved this track, and a lot wasn’t feeling it.

While Ja Rule and Murder Inc. was dealing with all these beefs, they almost signed Nas to the label. Nas appeared on The Pledge Remix along with Ashanti and 2Pac. Nas signed with Murder Inc. for two months and the Pledge Remix was a great track. Overall, the Last Temptation wasn’t on par with his previous three albums. The Last Temptation is still a good album and Ja Rule made up for it the following year with R.U.L.E. The Pledge (Remix), Murder Me, Connected, Thug Lovin’ and Mesmerize are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing to the Last Temptation and stream link below.

  1. Intro
  2. Thug Lovin’ ft. Bobby Brown
  3. Mesmerize ft. Ashanti
  4. Pop Niggas
  5. The Pledge (Remix) ft. Ashanti, Nas & 2Pac
  6. Murder Reigns
  7. Last Temptation ft. Charli Baltimore
  8. Murder Me ft. Cadillac Tah
  9. The Warning
  10. Connected ft. Eastwood & Crooked I
  11. Emerica ft. Young Life & Chink Santana
  12. Rock Star
  13. Destiny (Outro)

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