Jay-Z 4:44 Album Dropped 5 Years Ago Today

Jay-Z 4:44 Album Dropped 5 Years Ago Today

Jay-Z is one of the illest rappers to ever pick up a mic and there’s no debating that. In over 25 years in the game, he has released 13 albums. 5 years ago today, Jay-Z dropped his 4:44 joint which was his thirteenth. Anytime Hov release an album, there is always excitement about it. Jay-Z has released classics like the Blueprint, Reasonable Doubt and the Black Album. 4:44 dropped out of nowhere and it was one of my top rap albums of 2017. The album went platinum and received a lot of praise by the critics. Many publications rated it as one of the best albums of 2017. Beyoncé, Damian Marley and Frank Ocean were the only features on the album. 4:44 was nominated for Rap Album of the Year. The Story of O.J. a nomination for record of the Year.

Overall, the 4:44 album was a really dope project. Many call it a grown man album where he addressed many topics. Relationship, financial freedom, fatherhood and many other topics were touched on this one. 4:44, Family Feud, Legacy, The Story of O.J. and Marcy Me are my top 5 songs. Check out the track listing and stream link below for the 4:44 album, which is my Throwback Thursday. Jay-Z was recently inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

  1. Kill Jay-Z
  2. The Story of O.J.
  3. Smile ft. Gloria Carter
  4. Caught Their Eyes ft. Frank Ocean
  5. 4:44
  6. Family Feud ft. Beyonce
  7. Bam ft. Damian Marley
  8. Moonlight
  9. Marcy Me
  10. Legacy

What are your thoughts about the 4:44 album? Where would you rank it as far as albums from Jay-Z? What’s your favorite tracks  off the album? Leave some feedback below about anything related to the 4:44 album.

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