Kane & Abel Am I My Brother’s Keeper Released 25 Years Ago

Kane & Abel Am I My Brother’s Keeper Released 25 Years Ago

In 1998, No Limit Records was dropping albums almost every other week. Master P released his MP Da Last Don joint in the first week of June in 1998. A little over a month later it was Kane & Abel’s turned to release their album. Am I My Brother’s Keeper was the name of it and it was the follow-up to their 7 Sins project. 7 Sins was their first project on No Limit in 1996 and it featured the classic track Gangstafied. 7 Sins was more like an EP, but Am I My Brother’s Keeper was a full-length project. Am I My Brother’s Keeper dropped 25 years ago and it became the #1 album in the country. Unlike their 7 Sins album, this one was very successful and it sold over 500,000 copies. Like every other No Limit release, this featured all of the No Limit Soldiers.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper is one of the No Limit albums you should have in your collection. The only single released off the album was Time After Time. Time After Time borrowed from Cyndi Lauper’s version and it came out good. Time After Time featured Master P and it’s one of the better tracks off the album. Overall, this is a good album and despite its success it was their last album on No Limit Records. The following year they were hit with a fed case for distributing cocaine. Below are my top 5 tracks along with the track listing and stream link. Usually, I’ll have the Apple Music link, but the album is only on Spotify.

Top 5 Tracks: Time After Time, Call Me When You Need Some, Watch Me, Stress and Ghetto Day


Am I My Brother’s Keeper  Track Listing

  1. Time After Time ft. Master P & O’Dell
  2. This Is For the Smokers ft. Fiend
  3. Tryin 2 Have Sumthin ft. Master P, Fiend & Mo B. Dick
  4. Soldier Story ft. Mo B. Dick
  5. Throw Them Thangs ft. Magic & C-Murder
  6. Out of Town B’s ft. Snoop Dogg
  7. Ghetto Day ft. D. Marshall
  8. Stress
  9. We Don’t Care
  10. The Game ft. Fiend
  11. Watch Me ft. Silkk the Shocker, Soulja Slim & Mystikal
  12. Only God Knows ft. O’Dell
  13. Call Me When You Need Some ft. Master P, Silkk the Shocker & Sons of Funk
  14. No Limit Niggas ft. C-Murder & Fiend
  15. Bout That Combat ft. Soulja Slim & Full Blooded
  16. No Turning Back ft. Fiend
  17. Betta Kill Me
  18. My Hood to Yo Hood ft. Snoop Dogg
  19. Am I My Brother’s Keeper
  20. Gangstafied Forever ft. Silkk the Shocker, Mr. Serv-On & O’Dell
  21. Let’s Go Get ‘Em ft. Soulja Slim, Mac, Big Ed, Fiend, Mia X & Mystikal
  22. Greens, Cornbread & Cabbage ft. Master P, Prime Suspects & Mo B. Dick
  23. I Ain’t Runnin’ ft. C-Murder

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