Keith Murray The Most Beautifullest Thing In the World

If you are someone that follows old school hip hop, you know we have been greeted with crazy headlines. We don’t normally hear about anything from some of our favorite artists of the 90s. Let’s face it, that’s around 25-to-30 years ago and that’s a long time ago. Recently, Keith Murray has made headlines and it’s for the wrong reasons. Murray has been interviewed by the Art of Dialogue which is a dope platform. The Art of Dialogue has interviewed many people connected to Pac and Keith Murray is the latest.

Keith Murray has made headlines for some ridiculous stories. From his time as a rapper to his sexual exploits with Foxy Brown and Shawnna from the DTP. In the latest interview, he talks about Aaliyah could have been his girlfriend. In the same one, he’s talked about how he could have got with Kidada Jones also.

We all know that Kidada Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Pac’s fiancé at the time of his demise. Murray have even stated he’s seen Suge Knight slap Puff Daddy. Keith Murray is now known for his outlandish interviews, but I’ll always know him as a great MC. Keith Murray is part of the Def Squad along with Redman and EPMD. He’s always been a dope lyricist with amazing wordplay along with some serious flow. In November of 1994, he dropped his debut album The Most Beautifullest thing in the World.

The record went gold and title track was his first single. The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World showed great Murray is with the words. For my Throwback Thursday track, the Most Beautifullest Thing in the World is it to know Murray by his skills. Check out the track listing and stream link for the album below.

  1. Live From New York
  2. Sychosymatic
  3. Dip Dip Di
  4. The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World
  5. Herb is Pumpin
  6. Sychoward
  7. Straight Loonie ft. Jamal & Erick Sermon
  8. Danger
  9. Get Lifted
  10. How’s That ft. Erick Sermon & Redman
  11. The Chase
  12. Take It to the Streetz
  13. Bom Bom Zee
  14. Countdown
  15. Escapism

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