Makaveli Hail Mary for Throwback Thursday

Makaveli Hail Mary for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. I’m going to do things a little different moving forward. Usually, I’ll talk about every album that was played during the week. Moving forward, the one track will be talked about along with the album it appeared on. The album will be one that was played during the week as mentioned. The 7 Day Theory by Makaveli aka 2Pac is the album that is being featured. The album was released less than two months after 2Pac passed away. During this time, there were various rumors and belief that 2Pac fake his death. The Makaveli tapes were huge during this time also. There were people paying big money on a lot of unreleased 2Pac tracks, which I still have on CD.

There were a total of 17 discs, but some had bad quality songs or just portions of tracks on them. As far as the 7 Day Theory joint, this was another classic from Pac. All Eyez on Me was an album that many say was the fun side of Pac. Makaveli was mostly dark and a great way for him to go out. Makaveli sold over four million copies and have been listed as one of the greatest hits albums ever. There were three singles released off the album. Hail Mary was the final single released and the video is really eerie. Hail Mary is my featured Throwback Thursday track. Hold Ya Head, Against All Odds, Bomb First, Hail Mary and White Man’z World are my top 5 as of now.

Makaveli is one of my top 5 albums from 2Pac. Recently, there have been interviews where J. Prince wanted to sign Pac to Rap-A-Lot Records. Check out the video for Hail Mary up above. Below you can peep the track listing and stream link for the 7 Day Theory.

  1. Bomb First (My Second Reply) ft. Kastro, Young Noble & E.D.I. Mean
  2. Hail Mary ft. The Outlawz
  3. Toss It Up ft. Aaron Hall, Danny Boy, K-Ci & JoJo
  4. To Live & Die in L.A. ft. Val Young
  5. Blasphemy
  6. Life of An Outlaw ft. The Outlawz
  7. Just Like Daddy ft. The Outlawz
  8. Krazy ft. Bad Azz
  9. White Man’z World
  10. Me and My Girlfriend
  11. Hold Ya Head ft. Hurt-M-Badd
  12. Against All Odds

What are you thought about Hail Mary? How about the Makaveli album? Leave some feedback below about 2Pac, the Makaveli album or Hail Mary.

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