Mia X Unlady Like Released 25 Years Ago Today

Mia X Unlady Like Released 25 Years Ago Today

Mia X is one of the more underrated rappers to ever touch the mic. When making this statement, that goes for any male or female. Mia X is the first lady of No Limit Records and she dropped her Unlady Like album 25 years ago. During this time, anything No Limit Records put out was money and Unlady Like was no different. The album eventually went gold and it’s one of the 27 No Limit albums you should have in your collection. The only single from the album was Party Don’t Stop featuring Master P and Foxy Brown. Foxy Brown was the only feature outside of their usual No Limit soldiers that appeared on all the other albums. My top 5 tracks are You Don’t Wanna Go 2 War, Party Don’t Stop, 4Ever Tru, I Pity U and Let’s Get It Straight. Check the track listing and stream link below.

For all my fans of the No Limit crew, they are still doing a reunion tour. Check them out as they come to a city near you.

  1. You Don’t Wanna AGo 2 War ft. TRU & Mystikal
  2. The Party Don’t Stop ft. Master P & Foxy Brown
  3. I Pitty U
  4. Who Got tha Clout ft. Mystikal
  5. Ain’t 2 Be Played Wit
  6. Unlady Like ft. KLC
  7. Intro
  8. I’ll Take Ya Man ‘97
  9. Let’s Get It Straight ft. Mystikal
  10. 4Ever Tru ft. TRU
  11. Bring Da Drama ft. Fiend, Big Ed & Mr. Serv-On
  12. All Ns
  13. Mama’s Family ft. Fiend, KLC, Kane & Abel, Mac & Mr. Serv-On
  14. I Don’t Know Why ft. Mo B. Dick
  15. Hoodlum Poetry
  16. Rainy Dayz
  17. Mommie’s Angels ft. Mo B. Dick
  18. You & Me ft. O’Dell
  19. RIP Jill
  20. Thank You ft. Mo B. Dick, T.C., & Mercedes

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