My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

These days you can say that everyone does their fair share of online shopping. With so many sites popping up every day, you must be careful where you’re doing your shopping. First off, make sure it’s a secure site before you enter any of your information. If you’re watching programs by cable or streaming, there’s a lot of commercials for shopping sites also. I’m in awe at some of the bargains you can get online to the point I’m skeptical. One site that got my attention was one called Temu. My wife was telling me about it because she ordered from there a couple of times. Of course, it made me curious to the point my attention was drawn to the site even more without making a purchase. For those who’s not familiar with Temu, they’re a site that offers an array of items for sale.

They have everything from clothes, jewelry, household accessories, things for your car and much more. Seeing there were a few items that were needed, and my wife and kids praised their stuff, why not for myself. In total, there were 5 things ordered from Temu. Let’s see my thoughts on items that were ordered from Temu.


6 in 1 Rotate Holder Universal Charger

My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

One of the things I’ve wanted for a long time was a changer that charges everything. There’s always issues with trying to charge all your devices in different places. The 6 in 1 rotate holder universal charger was the perfect gift for myself. My iPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods are usually on different chargers, but not anymore. It looks much better without all the different cables everywhere. The price is amazing and it’s more than worth what you spend on it.

Professional Studio Microphone

My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

One of my biggest goals in the next year is to possibly get into podcasting. To get some practice I’ve opened an Amp account. Amp is a platform where you can have like a podcast-like platform. So far, I’ve only done music but eventually I’m wanting to talk about things in preparation for a podcast. I knew a microphone was needed to have a better sound. The one that was purchased from Temu is great for computers and mobile phones. It’s not one of those professional, high costing ones but it does what it’s supposed to. My only gripe is that there are no instructions that come with this.


4 in 1 Water Flosser

My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

This has been on my wish-list for years. My wife bought one a couple years ago, but I’ll admit to being cheap and wouldn’t pay the cost. Went to the Temu site and searched it up and saw it was less than $10. The 4-in-1 water teeth flosser makes for a great gift anytime. To be honest, I’m still in awe that it was so cheap because it works great. The different nozzles are amazing and clean my teeth and gums the way I like. The water flosser has different settings for whatever you like. The device is compact and was great to take when we traveled to a couple places.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

When you start to get older, you have hair falling out in some places and growing in others. This is the case when it comes to me. As men, we start to experience balding on top of our head and it’s frustrating. It’s also frustrating having hair growing out of your nose and ears. Grooming is very important to me and thus nose and ear trimmer is amazing. When you get yours, make sure you have some double A batteries available.

Something to Wear


My Thoughts on My First Order Placed on Temu

You can never have too many pairs of socks, right? I’m someone that absolutely loves socks and have so many different pairs in my drawer. Socks were the final thing that was ordered this time. The ones I wanted were a little smaller because they were going to be ankle socks. They did fit around my ankle, but the material was thick and good. I’d recommend anyone looking for some new socks to try them out. You can’t beat buying 6 pairs for less than 4 dollars.

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