Nas God’s Son Released 20 Years Ago Today

Nas is considered one of the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic. I’ve said he’s my favorite rapper alive and my second favorite ever. After 30 years in the game, Nas is still dropping gems on the fans. A couple months ago, he along with Hit Boy dropped their third installment of the King’s Disease series. Overall, Nas has dropped 16 solo joints which is crazy. 20 years ago today, Nas released his God’s Son album. God’s Son is his 6th studio album and it’s the one that followed The Lost Tapes and Stillmatic. As we all know, The Lost Tapes and Stillmatic are considered by hip hop heads to be classics. Looking back is crazy because Nas dropped three solid joints in one calendar year. Stillmatic and God’s Son dropped in December 2001 and 2002 respectively. The Lost Tapes was released in September of 2002.

When God’s Son dropped, Nas was still involved with his beef with Jay-Z. During this time, he also lost his mother which is why God’s Son felt more personal. Made You Look was the first single released off the album. Made You Look was a dope hip hop record, which is the best way to describe it. I Can was the second single from the album and it dropped in February of 2003. I Can was an inspirational and upbeat track from Nas. This was one of the many highlights off of God’s Son. Get Down was the third and final single from the album. God’s Son was successful as it went platinum. Revolutionary Warfare, Mastermind, Made You Look, I Can and Thugz Mansion are my top 5 tracks. Nas released his version of Thugz Mansion featuring 2Pac that appeared on Pac’s Better Dayz joint.

2Pac, Alicia Keys, Kelis and the Bravehearts all appeared on the album. Eminem produced a track for Nas called The Cross. While God’s Son isn’t one of my top 5 albums from Nas it’s still a dope project. Check out the track listing and stream link to God’s Son below.

  1. Get Down
  2. The Cross
  3. Made You Look
  4. Last real Nigga Alive
  5. Zone Out ft. Bravehearts
  6. Hey Nas ft. Kelis & Claudette Ortiz
  7. I Can
  8. Book of Rhymes
  9. Thugz Mansion (N.Y.) ft. 2Pac
  10. Mastermind
  11. Warrior Song ft. Alicia Keys
  12. Revolutionary Warfare ft. Lake
  13. Dance
  14. Heaven ft. Jully Black

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