Nas Life Is Good Turns 10 Years Old Today

Nas Life Is Good Turns 10 Years Old Today

Nas is not only one of the greatest MCs to ever do it, but my favorite rapper alive. Nas continues to put out hot albums till this day. Since the 2020s, he has put out three albums and they all were good. King’s Disease won him his first Grammy, King’s Disease II is one of my favorite albums he’s ever released. Magic was the name of the one he released on Christmas Eve of last year. 10 years ago today, Nas released the Life is Good joint which was his eleventh project. Life is Good is the album Nas made after his divorce from Kelis. The album eventually went gold and it was another great project released by Nas. Nasty was the first single from the album which dropped almost a year before Life Is Good. The Don was the second single and they both were featured on several mixtapes during that time.

A few days after the album dropped, the third single was put out and it was Daughters. Daughters is a dope track and one of my all-time favorite Nas joints. Cherry Wine featuring the late, great Amy Winehouse was the final single he put out. Life is Good was released almost four years to the day he dropped his 10th solo album. The Life is Good album is one of my top 5 albums from Nas from a few years ago. The King’s Disease joint could take its place, but it’s still an excellent album. Daughters, Accident Murderers, Back When, Bye Baby and Cherry Wine are my top 5 songs. Check out the track listing and stream link for Life is good below.

  1. No Introduction
  2. Loco-Motive ft. Large Professor
  3. A Queens Story
  4. Accident Murderers ft. Rick Ross
  5. Daughters
  6. Reach Out ft. Mary J. Blige
  7. World’s An Addiction ft. Anthony Hamilton
  8. Summer on Smash ft. Miguel & Swizz Beatz
  9. You Wouldn’t Understand ft. Victoria Monet
  10. Back When
  11. The Don
  12. Stay ft. Large Professor
  13. Cherry Wine ft. Amy Winehouse
  14. Bye Baby

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