Pastor Troy Vica Versa for Throwback Thursday

Pastor Troy Vica Versa for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. The week started with a real throwback in En Vogue. The Funky Divas album was the first one and it brought back memories seeing they were one of my first crushes. This week was mixtape heavy with a total of four that made the playlist. Gangsta Grillz 14 by DJ Drama and Street Wars Part 3 from P-Cutta. Juvenile the Great album was next and it was followed by BGs debut joint called True Story. The classic 5-mic The Fix album from the legendary Scarface also made the list. As always, any of those joints would produce my featured track. For this one, we are staying in Georgia and having Pastor Troy as the artist. Pastor Troy is a legend and his Face Off album was a straight up classic.

Pastor Troy had several hits on Face Off, but my favorite was Vica Versa. Vice Versa is one of, if not the best Pastor Troy track and it’s my Throwback Thursday joint. Face Off is over 21 years old and as you can see the album still gets much play. Pastor Troy is such a Georgia legend that he appeared on the debut albums of T.I., Ludacris and Jeezy. Check out the video for Vica Versa up above. Below you can peep the track listing and stream link for the Face Off album.

  1. Face Off (Intro)
  2. This Tha City
  3. Frame Me
  4. My Niggaz is the Grind
  5. Move to Mars
  6. I’m Made
  7. Can You Stand the Game
  8. Throw Your Flags Up
  9. Vica Versa
  10. No Mo Play in G.A.
  11. Rhonda
  12. Eternal Yard Dash
  13. Prayer
  14. Oh Father

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