Prime Suspects Guilty Til Proven Innocent Released 25 Years Ago Today

Prime Suspect Guilty Til Proven Innocent Released 25 Years Ago Today

No Limit Records was the hottest hip hop label in the late-90s and it’s not even close. In 1998, No Limit Records released a total of 24 albums. When you look back at those statistics it’s hard to believe Master P dropped that many albums. For the most part all the albums were good and had their fair share of bangers. Magic released his Sky’s the Limit debut album on September 15th. Two weeks later, the gold-selling Mean Green Compilation came out. The following week, Prime Suspects dropped their debut album Guilty Til Proven Innocent. Prime Suspects consisted of Glock, New-9 & Uzi and they appeared on many No Limit albums before their release. They appeared on Ghetto D, Life or Death and many other projects. Prime Suspect Guilty Til Proven Innocent dropped 25 years ago today.

Prime Suspects sold a little less than 40,000 copies in their first week. They didn’t release a single for the album, but their album was promoted on other No Limit releases and the Source magazine. Like other No Limit releases, all the other artists made appearances on the album. While Guilty Til Proven Innocent isn’t one of my top 27 No Limit albums it’s still a good one. Unfortunately, this was the only album Prime Suspects dropped on No Limit Records. The album is nice and one that I’ve grown to like even more over the years. Below are my top 5 tracks from the Guilty Til Proven Innocent joint. After that, you can check out the track listing and stream link for the album.

Top 5 Tracks: Liquidation of the Ghetto, Of All da Hustles, Someone Shoulda Told Me, Here I Go Again, and Tweekin’


Guilty Til Proven Innocent Track Listing

  1. All 4 One ft. Master P
  2. Money Makes ft. Silkk the Shocker & Kane & Abel
  3. Liquidation of the Ghetto ft. Mystikal, O’Dell & Ms. Peaches
  4. Mac’s and Choppers
  5. Bust Back
  6. Ride Wit My Heat
  7. Of All da Hustles ft. C-Murder
  8. My Old Lady ft. Snoop Dogg & Fiend
  9. Tweekin’
  10. Someone Shoulda Told Me ft. Mia X
  11. We Gots to Do ‘Em ft. Steady Mobb’n
  12. Here I Go Again ft. Mr. Serv-On & Mo B. Dick
  13. Consequences of the Streets
  14. Young Niggas
  15. Soldier 4 Life
  16. Last Days ft. Mac & Lil Rowdy
  17. Daily Routine
  18. Guilty Til Proven Innocent
  19. Fear
  20. Children of the Corn ft. Ms. Peaches

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