Shell Shocked From Mac Released 25 Years Ago Today

No Limit Records was the hottest record label by far in 1998. They released an album almost every other week. Two weeks ago, Kane & Abel released their gold-selling Am I My Brother’s Keeper. This week, we celebrated the released of the Camouflage Assassin’s No Limit debut Shell Shocked. Mac was my favorite rapper on No Limit Records along with Fiend and anticipation for his joint was extremely high for me. Mac had some great guest features on other No Limit releases like Ghetto D before his album dropped. Shell Shocked from Mac dropped 25 years ago today. For those who’s not familiar with Mac, he spent 21 years in prison and was released a couple years ago. Last year, he released his first album in 23 years called Son of the City which is a good album.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Shell Shocked, Mac is having a concert tonight at the House of Blues. Despite not garnering a plaque, this is still one of the No Limit albums you should have in your collection. Boss Chick featuring Mia X was the only single to be released. This album still gets much play all of these years later. Check out my top 5 tracks off the album below. You can also peep the track listing and stream links for the project under my top 5 tracks.

Top 5 Tracks: Be All You Can Be, Can I Ball, Money Gets, My Brother and Shell Shocked


Shell Shocked Track Listing

  1. Boss Chick ft. Mia X
  2. Be All You Can Be ft. Fiend, Silkk the Shocker & Mo B. Dick
  3. Soldier Party ft. Master P
  4. Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill ft. Mystikal
  5. Tank Dogs ft. C-Murder & Fiend
  6. Slow Ya Roll ft. O’Dell
  7. We Don’t Love ‘Em
  8. Wooo ft. Kane & Abel, Mr. Serv-On, Big Ed, Mia X & Snoop Dogg
  9. Can I Ball ft. Soulja Slim
  10. Money Gets ft. Master P
  11. The Game
  12. Callin’ Me ft. Mo B. Dick & Ms. Peaches
  13. Memories ft. C-Murder
  14. Meet Me at the Hotel ft. Magic, Mr. Serv-On, Storm & Mo B. Dick
  15. Shell Shocked ft. Fiend
  16. Paranoid ft. Silkk the Shocker
  17. Nobody Make A Sound ft. Magic, 2-4-1 & Fiend
  18. Beef
  19. Camouflage Love ft. Storm & Ms. Peaches
  20. Empire
  21. My Brother ft. O’Dell
  22. Shell Shocked (Outro)

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