UGK Too Hard to Swallow Dropped 30 years Ago Today

UGK is one of my favorite groups of all-time. UGK Greatest Hits was one of my favorite things ever put together. The Very Best of Pimp C & Bun B was something that was put together almost 10 years ago. UGK Too Hard to Swallow dropped 30 years ago today. Too Hard to Swallow was their major label debut. They didn’t catch my attention until a year later when I purchased the album along with Comin’ Out Hard. Comin’ Out Hard was the debut joint from 8Ball & MJG. These two iconic groups performed a Verzuz together despite not having the late, great Pimp C there. Honestly, that was my favorite Verzuz to go along with the Bone/Three 6 Mafia one. Back to the Too Hard to Swallow album. First time hearing it, this was an instant classic in my eyes.

Listening to it years later, this is still an album that I’ll album have love for. The first heard from them was Pocket Full of Stones. They put a remix of the track on the Menace II Society soundtrack in the spring of 1993. Pocket Full of Stones also made its way to several mixtapes in the south. UGK didn’t release an official single off the album and it fell to go gold. Despite not getting that gold plaque, UGK established themselves as southern hip hop stars. Something Good, Pocket Full of Stones, Cramping My Style, Cocaine in the Back of My Ride and Use Me Up are my top 5. Below you can check out the track listing and stream link to the Too Hard to Swallow joint.

  1. Something Good
  2. Use Me Up
  3. Pocket Full of Stones
  4. Short Texas
  5. Cocaine in the Back of My Ride
  6. It’s Too Hard to Swallow
  7. Cramping My Style
  8. Feel Like I’m the One Who’s Doin’ Dope
  9. I’m So Bad
  10. Trill Ass Nigga
  11. 976-Bun
  12. Something Good (Pimp C’s Remix)

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