Young Bleed Dropped My Balls and My Word 25 Years Ago

No Limit Records took over the rap game from 1997-1999, Master P was dropping a new album every other week. The crazy part is that damn near all the albums went gold or better. Young Bleed released his debut album  called My Balls and My Word. How Ya Do Dat was the single that sparked a push to the world. How Ya Do Dat featured Master P and C-Loc and it was featured on the I’m Bout It Soundtrack. Fiend and Mystikal from No Limit made appearances on the album. Young Bleed also had some artists from his camp to appear also. My Balls and My Word sold over 200,000 copies in its first week. How Ya Do Dat was the first single as it was released in September of 1997. Young Bleed released one more single and it wasn’t until the Spring of 1998.

Times So Hard was the name of it and it also featured Master P, but also Fiend. Times So Hard is one of the highlights of the project. Unfortunately, this was the only album Young Bleed dropped on No Limit Records. The album is so good that I’ve named it as one of the top No Limit albums to have. How Ya Do Dat, Times So Hard, Keep It Real, Bring the Noise and Better Than Last Time are my top 5 tracks. Below is the track listing and stream links to the My Balls and My Word album.

  1. Keep It Real ft. C-Loc & Master P
  2. Bring the Noise ft. Master P & Mystikal
  3. An Offer U Can’t Refuse
  4. The Day They Make Me Boss
  5. Mo Money ft. Lay-Lo & Lucky Knuckles
  6. Pull It Off ft. C-Loc, Lay-Lo, Lee Tyme & Lucky Knuckles
  7. Times So Hard ft. Master P, Fiend, Mo B. Dick & O’Dell
  8. How Ya Do Dat ft. Master P & C-Loc
  9. Better Than Last Time ft. C-Loc & Max Minelli
  10. Lil Poppa Got a Brand New Bag ft. Max Minelli
  11. Confedi ft. C-Loc, Lee Tyme & Max Minelli
  12. Da Last Outlaw
  13. Ghost Rider
  14. We Don’t Stop ft. Max Minelli

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